Howto : Share Computer’s Internet with iPhone

Here is the guide :-

Sharing Internet with iPhone over Wifi . . .

Many people who read this post think that its a process through which you can share your mobile net with a computer but actually its the opposite. This Guide Post will show how to share your computer internet with your iPhone.

Stage One :- (On Computer (Windows Vista))

1.Open Start Menu
2.Click on Connect To
3.Click on Setup a Connection or Network
4.Set up a Wireless Ad-hoc Connection
5.Network Name : Apple Net | Sharing Security Type : No Authentication (Open)
6.Connect to the Apple Net
7.You are done here !

Stage Two :- (On Computer (Windows Vista)) ( THIS STAGE CAN COME AFTER STAGE FOUR)

1.Open Network and Sharing Center
2.Click View Status on the Ad-hoc Connection
3.Click on Properties
4.Click on the Networking tab
5.Click on the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)
6.Click on the Properties tab
7.Set the IP address to :
8.Set the Subnet mask to :
9.You are done here !

Stage Three :- (On Computer(Windows Vista))

1.Download the following software
2.Click on the Proxy tab
3.Click on the Setting tab
4.Uncheck the following :-
A.loopback interface only | B.Intercept if
5.Click on the intercept tab
6.Turn the intercepter on
7.Always run this application when sharing the internet
8.You are done here !

Stage Four:- (On the iPhone)

1.Open Wifi settings (Found in Settings)
2.Select Apple Net
3.Select Press the Blue arrow to configure it
4.Use the following settings :-

IP address :
Subnet Mask :
Leave the rest of the stuff

5.Goto HTTP Proxy
6.Choose Manual
7.Use the following settings :-

Sever :
Subnet Mask :

Stage Five:- (On the iPhone)

1.Now Save the settings
2.And open Safari and chose Apple to start Browsing


But note that this will only work on 1.1.1/2 but on 1.1.3/4 you will only be able to use it with the original Applications and the Installer application make sure to turn on the Join Known Networks option in the iPods wifi settings .


13 thoughts on “Howto : Share Computer’s Internet with iPhone

  1. hi
    it worked a treat i have managed to connect to internet with your instructions now i have problem with youtube and appstore it says no secure connection found check date and time”

  2. Hi,

    Doesn’t work for me…
    Some strange fact :
    – in the Proxy on iPhone you specify a Submet Mask, which can’t be introduced, and the Proxy Port is not defined, as on Burps it’s set to 8080…

    Thanx anyway 😉

  3. hey plz help me the burpsuite is not working i have 1.6 java and JRE . plz help i rly want to connect on iphone via my laptop cz my laptop wifi is more powerfull then the iphone 1 and i use the wifi from my neighbor so its hard to me to connect on iphone plz help me and thank you

  4. I only applied stage one on windows 7 then it asked me “do u want to share your internet connection?” i clicked yes and then connected to apple net on my iphone and it worked!


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